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Revestum was recommended to me by an acquaintance when I was in a process of selling my apartment. At the same time, I was buying a new property so I was in a hurry to sell the apartment. What I needed was an accessible, flexible and active agent, who would provide me with credible pricing advice, fast ad preparation and publishment. Most importantly, an agent who I can trust with the keys of my apartment. The choice of the Revestum turned out to be excellent. I sold my apartment and the garage in an extremely short time and achieved the desired price.
by Katarina Vukelić
Mag. prav.
Our collaboration with Mr. Udovč and his company started a long time ago. Our company has many years of experiences in investments and building for the market, as well as real estate brokerage. Our cooperation with Mr. Udovč has always been excellent. We appreciate professional and correct attitude toward us and our clients, as well as professionalism and responsiveness. We always deeply recommend Mr. Udovč to our clients knowing he is experienced in the field of real estates and investments. We look forward to our successful cooperation also in the future.
by Sabina Jordan Žabkar
Director, Renta invest nepremičnine d.o.o
In my life, I have sold and bought many real estates. I used to perceive real estate agencies as an unnecessary expenditure. Soon I realized how important it is to have someone in your corner that is expert in the field and will be there to help you in the process. With Marko Udovč I got exactly was I was looking for: responsiveness, great knowledge of the market, excellent preparation of marketing materials, personal counseling in decision making, legal advisement, perseverance, professional but friendly attitude and I could go on and on. Marko, one great thank you for you effort and patience with me!
by Luka Arko
Founder and CEO, E-POS GROUP d.o.o.

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