Construction projects

Construction project for a twin house with building permit – Ljubljana, Podutik – 540.000 EUR

Construction project for 15 apartments without building permit – Ljubljana – price on demand

Construction project for 8 apartments with building permit – Ljubljana – 1.6 mio EUR

Construction project for 151 apartments without building permit – Kranj – 3.475.000 EUR

Building plot for an apartment block or villa – Ljubljana, center – price on demand

Construction project for 31 apartments with building permit – Primorska – 1 mio EUR

Construction project for 3 apartments – Gornja Radgona – 232.400 EUR

Properties with tenants

NW Slovenia, 4.7 mio EUR

NE Slovenia, price on demand

Ljubljana, Dunajska, 650.000 EUR

A whole building in the center of Ljubljana, 1800 sqm – suitable for renting

Accommodation properties

House on Dunajska street with 3 apartments – Ljubljana – 1 mio EUR

North of Slovenia, very touristic place, price on demand

2.5 mio EUR

1.6 mio EUR

6 mio EUR

How real estate investments return profits

When you purchase a company’s stock certificates, you’re looking for appreciation in the stock value, with bonds, you’re looking for income yield on the interest rate paid by the bonds. With real estate investments, there are even more ways in which to realize a superior return on investment.

Investing in 2022

At a more detailed level, the demand for different types of real estate in 2022 will be determined by the interplay of two main factors: sustainability and the impact of the pandemic on occupier behaviour.

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