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Hotel reAktiv

Become the owner of a room or apartment in Zreče and indulge in the exceptional nature, Rogla ski slope, thermal baths, and tranquility that Zreče offers. Hotel reAktiv is the perfect place for this, with its offering of 30 exclusive units waiting to become your home away from home or your perfect investment.

Apartments and individual rooms with bathrooms are now exclusively for sale in the highly rated (8.7) Aparthotel Reaktiv in Zreče (Address: Slomškova Street 4), located at the foot of Rogla and right next to the Zreče thermal spa (290m- 4 min walk). There are 6 apartments (sleeping and living area and a bathroom), which are located on the second, top floor of the hotel, and 17 rooms with bathrooms, mostly located on the first and second floor of the hotel. Most rooms also boast a balcony, offering excellent views of the surroundings. The size of the rooms with bathroom ranges from 15.2 sqm to 23.2 sqm + balcony, while the size of the apartments ranges from 33.8 sqm to 82.7 sqm + balcony. Owners and users of rooms and apartments can also use, upon agreement, the reception, café, dining room, and kitchen located on the ground floor of the building. The basement houses a wellness area with a sauna, multipurpose rooms, a bicycle/ski storage room, laundry room, ironing room, and boiler room. In the basement, it is also possible to rent or purchase space for additional storage. The hotel also has an elevator. Parking is arranged at three parking lots next to the hotel.


The hotel was built in 2000 and thoroughly renovated in 2018. The construction is brick with high-quality insulation. The roof is made of Bobrovec tiles. The windows are wooden, double-glazed, and the furniture is mostly solid wood. The rooms have parquet floors, while balconies, bathrooms, and common areas have tiles. The hotel is well maintained and in excellent condition. No major renovations or repairs are planned for the next 5 years.

Electricity, water, and telecom

Each room and apartment has an electricity meter, so the electricity charge depends only on actual consumption. The meters for hot and cold water are separate and individual. Telecommunication connection is spread throughout the entire hotel, allowing the buyer to choose the type of package from the provider.


The heating is provided by a common biomass stove, which makes the heating cost extremely low. Converters are installed throughout the hotel, blowing warm air into the room. On average, the heating cost is 50 euros per month, but no more than 100 euros per unit (data for 2022 and 2023). As an alternative for heating, gas heating is arranged. For hot water, the hotel has three storage tanks. The water is heated with biomass in winter and with natural gas in summer. Cooling can be arranged via converters depending on the agreement.

Other costs

Fixed costs include regular maintenance, cleaning, heating of common areas, maintenance of the building and surroundings, and building insurance. The cost is divided based on ownership share. Details are determined by the management contract.

The price of the units is 2000 euros/sqm + VAT (22%). The price for balconies is 1000 euros/sqm + VAT. Purchase is possible according to the reverse tax obligation Article 76a (Article 76a  ZDDV-1). Handover to the buyers for use is possible immediately after payment of the entire purchase price.

Rooms can be independently marketed for rent to tourists. By separate agreement with the hotel and if the hotel's capacities allow it, it is possible to use hotel services, such as use of the reception, cleaning, use of the sauna, and other hotel services. All this is charged according to the hotel's price list. The hotel is excellently marketed throughout the winter season (linked to the operation of the Rogla ski resort), during holidays (May 1, autumn holidays and other holidays) and the entire summer season (visit to Zreče thermal spa, hiking, cycling, mushroom picking, gastronomy, visiting wine cellars, Žiče Charterhouse etc.). Currently, in 2023 the price of a hotel overnight stay is 59 euros/person per night. Occasionally, seminars are also held at the hotel, as the hotel also offers conference rooms. Seminar attendees thus fill the rooms in the off-season.
The hotel is managed by the company Dbs company d.o.o., which is also the owner of the hotel.


Experience a comprehensive view of all units with a 3D virtual tour. By clicking the button below, you can explore each space at your own pace, navigate through them to find your favorite, and even access detailed floor plans for a clearer understanding of the layout.


Imagine owning a holiday retreat where you can start each day with a ski adventure on Rogla, and then return to your cozy sanctuary before taking a leisurely walk to the nearby thermal baths. This is more than just a property investment; it’s the key to a lifestyle that effortlessly marries exhilaration and relaxation. Pick your unit and become an owner.

Location - Zreče

Situated in the tranquil heart of Slovenia, Zreče is an enticing blend of serene nature, rejuvenating thermal waters, and the exhilarating Rogla ski slope. Presenting an exceptional opportunity, we’re offering holiday apartments and rooms for ownership, strategically positioned just 290 meters from the restorative Terme Zreče and at the foot of the adventurous Rogla.


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